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Is there such a thing as too many breakers?
There are various discussions on shunt trips and circuit breakers.   Here's a current one - - that might be of help.

A lot of us with larger powerwalls use "ABB SACE" (you can search on this) as cost effective 200, 300, 400a overall battery shunts as in this thread -

Personally, I use fuse wire on each cell, then 400a shunt-trip on overall battery to a control box.  The control box has circuit breakers on each incoming charge controllers (to break the connection 'charge' current') and breakers on the outgoing power to the inverters.   There are circuit breakers on the incoming PV side of the charge controllers.   The inverter output has circuit breakers - and then this feeds into  a subpanel which has US standard 220/110v circuit breakers.

Have fun!
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