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Is there such a thing as too many breakers?
#8 Wrote:For systems that require continuous current ratings higher than the standard product capabilities, there are two additional solutions to consider:
1. Cooling fans can be added to the circuit breaker cell, allowing increased current through the breaker.
2. Double wide breakers can be used. Forced-air cooling using additional fans is a relatively standard way of addressing higher continuous current requirements. With that said, the art of building switch gear assemblies is increasingly refined; today’s smaller, lighter circuit breakers and modern design practices make it easier and more economical to connect two circuit breakers together in parallel as one breaker product. These are often called double wide breakers.
Connecting circuit breakers in a parallel arrangement also provides for higher continuous ratings. Eaton has opted to connect the breakers via a common pole shaft. So the two breakers are combined to make one common breaker. In the industry these breakers are often called double wide (DW) breakers. This name is used to describe two breaker current paths combined together within one breaker frame.They share integral trip units and a common mechanism. These breakers can be configured AABBCC or ABCABC. AA is an identification reference to phase A1 and phase A2 connected together in the cassette. So they act as one phase together.

You can parallel breakers, and it is a common practice. However, you want to bridge the triggering mechanism so that both will throw at the same time. Most single breakers have a hole in the switch handle. A 16 penny nail is usually used to bridge these together. You can also use threaded rod, or some other form rigid metal that is stiff enough to trigger the second breaker.

But, make sure you are absolute positive that you use the correct type of breaker. DC for the DC side, AC for the AC side. Don't use AC for the DC side as it may cause a fire under heavy load triggering.
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