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Easun IGrid SV LV-3K not working.
Ive had a Easun IGrid SV LV-3K On-Grid Inverter
Wich is the same as the LV 2424 hybrid from mpp (green one) for 2 years and today its dead.

Are there any guides on repairing these? Ive Been searching and i cant fine anything.

If i power it on connected to a 24v battery bank the screen will iluminate but with no text or images and after a couple of seconds its off again, no beeps and no fans. Not connected to mains electricity.
Any ideas what went wrong?
Loose connection wires for the display? Something may worked loose a board,, plug. etc.
Have you contacted Easun ?

Later floyd
Another thing it could be is a fuse/circuit breaker. Either at batteries or the inverter?
Contacted easun but still no reaponse!
I just have to dismantle the whole thing on my day off work!

Hope it has an internal fuse of some sort, it still.looks new on the inside.

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