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Best options to EASILY repurpose a 16s4p Battery with some dead parallel cells in the
My 16s4p unicycle battery has 4 dead parallel cells that are in the 12th series position so they're right in the middle. The annoyance to disassemble is compounded in that it's not a normal rectangular battery but two stacks of 8s4p.
I'm not sure how much work I can do into replacing the dead cells as I don't have the proper equipment yet to do so.

Trying to explore the EASIEST options for not throwing out 60 good LG MJ1 cells. (I'm getting quotes of $300+ to repair the battery, which while i understand the cost, at that point, I'd rather just add another $200 and get a brand new battery)
I'm thinking these 3 options. am i missing anything?

1) sell the battery as is (what could i get for it), or break it up into individuals and sell by cell

2) ignore the last 4 packs in series, as the bad cell is the 12th one out of 16 . and reroute the wiring so that i have a 10S or 11S battery, perfect for a low voltage bike or skateboard. This seem easiest, but if i have to get another BMS because I can't use a 16S one on a 10S, then i might as well do it properly by snipping the connections to the last 4 series packs, and shaving its weight

3) reroute my bms so it ignores the connection between the dead cells and becomes a 15s to be repurposed as a bike battery or skate battery, (the dead cells essentially become a high resistance "wire"?. This seems not the best idea, but they're already at 0v and who knows how long i was already riding on them at 0v before i discovered the problem. This seems second easiest assuming i can reuse my existing 16s bms
Alternatively it'd be more work to disassemble, but i could snip the connections to these 0v cells and remove them and then rewire it to get a proper 15s for a ebike.

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