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Active Balancing for large LiFePo packs??
(05-19-2020, 03:40 AM)totalimpact Wrote: Looking for ideas on balancing large packs, I see a few people using Batrium, I have a lot of 1ah LiFePo4 cells. In planning phase for pack design and management. I am considering 16s80P packs, ... 8~10 packs like this. 

I want to make a large pack for an off-grid home, and a small setup for a travel trailer, that will probably just end up being some Chinese ANT BMS.
You don't mention this so forgive me if you plan this already....   First up you need to test each of these cells and group them by capacity and distribute them evenly by capacity thru the 8-10packs so all the packs are similar.   Part of this process is to test and then let sit for a couple of weeks to see if any are self-discharging.     Once you have a set of healthy packs....

Batrium is a great BMS - top of the line.   However, assuming you've built healthy packs and hooked them in parallel (before hooking in series) to balance them all out with each other - you shouldn't need a 'super strong' BMS to keep them in balance.

The main purpose BMS is to cut-off the battery from load/charge if the battery goes bad to stop the battery from damaging itself - e.g. cell/pack voltage to hi/low or temp to hi/low.   Here's an FAQ from this site on this -    So you need to size it depending on the amps going in/out of the battery and how the BMS disrupts that flow when there's a bad situation.     If you're pulling <100a from the battery then you'll find many cheaper (non-visual) BMSs that will probably work for you.    Here's an active thread related to BMS choices -

If you want visuals/logging/computer-monitoring, ability to control external devices, high amps (mine is 400a), ability to grow (I have 70 packs on the way to 84 packs)/larger 200p packs then Batrium is a great choice.

And as you point out - you might have smaller one for RV and larger for home.

TMI Smile
My plan is to park my RV next to my in-house battery bank and have it be 'one of the batteries' of the in-house battery bank while the RV is sitting.   So I plan for my RV battery to be same style/size one of my in-home batteries...  and of course be Batrium enabled so I can use the home Batrium to see/manage it will the RV is sitting.   The RV would have its own (maybe Batrium) for when its away from home.

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