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Active Balancing for large LiFePo packs??
Yes, I have a couple of Opus capacity testers, hoping to expand on those soon.

While I might grow in to Batrium in the end, for small scale startup I am looking at products like these-

Some of those are for automotive, but that is an area where a lot of small modules might be in used ,which is my scenario. Any feedback on any of those products or others I would love to hear.

Core functions I need:
- ideally *active* balancing
- low/high volt cut-offs
- low/high temp cut-offs
- basic reporting/history
- easy scalability with module groups
Could be centralized or decentralized, I would not die if I had to monitor 20 modules individually instead of as a single unit if other advantages were present
(did I miss anything important)

Might integrate with something like Raspberry Pi, Arduino, or full blown PC. I worked in the construction industry for years, I have built my own solar systems, I have rebuilt my own hybrid battery packs, worked on 3 phase equipment and currently I work in IT, so working with wires and programming are in my wheelhouse, flexibility and scalability are more my goal than a turn-key product. Batrium *might* end up being my solution, but it is looking cost prohibitive to me for the amount of modules I might end up with using these tiny cells... some day I might get my hands on large AH cells to simplify... today I have lemons=make lemonade.

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