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Active Balancing for large LiFePo packs??
chargery bms16 (cost about 110) balances at 1.2 amps per cell and lets you adjust at what voltage you want it to start balancing. It works great with lifepo4 and solar. It uses mechanical relays/contactors to stop the charge/discharge so it's capable of handling as many amps as your contactor can handle. The chargery doesn't have any tracking data, but it has a nice LCD screen that shows you the realtime cell voltage and all setting are programmable including temp sensors.

Active balancers for a 16s that actually have a decent balance amperage will cost as much as the chargery. 1.2 amps balancing is as good as most balance chargers.

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RE: Active Balancing for large LiFePo packs?? - by jonyjoe505 - 05-20-2020, 02:45 AM

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