Poll: how high is the total capacity of all cells?
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< 49.999 mAh
3 60.00%
50.000 - 99.999 mAh
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100.000 - 199.999 mAh
1 20.00%
200.000 - 299.999 mAh
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300.000 - 399.999 mAh
0 0%
400.000 - 508.799 mAh
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508.800 mAh
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> 508.800 mAh
1 20.00%
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China batterie 18650 test - 508.800mAh in 62 cells
(06-18-2020, 12:58 PM)kc8adu Wrote: hope you left detailed negative feedback wherever you bought these.

Yes I did so. And I added a picture of the capacity test of the LiitoKaala to proof it for other customers.

Additionally I got the money back for all of the batteries. Most of the sellers even didn't disagree that the capacity is wrong.
But the seller of the "Dolidada" 15.000mAh argued, that I did the test wrong and his batteries do have the specified capacity.
I told him to show me a proof of any testing method he prefers and without photoshopping.
No answer - money back   Sleepy

Then I though about what todo with these cells now.
Recycling? Somehow a little too bad.
Selling again? But they are scam.

So I decided to sell them on eBay with detailled results from my test just to warn people.

Quote:I bought the batteries about a month ago, along with other models, and tested them.
Since I no longer need them, I sell them again.

Manufacturer / type: Ultrafire SJ 18650
Capacity according to the manufacturer: 6,000mAh
Working voltage: 3.70V nominal
Charging voltage: 4.20V maximum
Discharge current: 3.3A
Dimensions: 18.2x65.1 mm
Weight: approx. 35 g
Protection circuits / protected: no

the printed manufacturer information is greatly exaggerated and does not correspond to the values that I have determined.
A LiitoKala Lii500 Engineer was used for the capacity test with the standard settings of the "normal test" of 1.0A charge current / 0.5A discharge current.

You can find information on the measured capacity in the pictures.
On request, I can also send you the link to the detailed test including evaluation and videos.

Make an offer only if you are in agreement with it.

I set the price very high so no one would buy them and the auction will last very long and many people can read this.
example on eBay: 8x 6000mAh Ultrafire SJ 18650
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good one!
probably lost in the ebay sea of trash but got to start somewhere.
i like the organized purchase,test,refund,and nuke their feedback scores approach.
(06-18-2020, 12:58 PM)kc8adu Wrote: i often thought of getting a bunch of folks together to purchase,test,and neg these junk sellers on ebay.

I would support such a "mass test"

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