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Batrium dual power (24v + USB) but USB troubles
Hey Folks...

I've been running Batrium WM4 for a while now and switched to USB as my data gathering method because WiFi is not reliable.

My setup is 24v power coming in (for the shunt-trip) + USB power/plugged in.   I just had a 'freeze'  (USB connection stopped working / would not reconnect) so I attempted a USB reset by pulling the cable from the unit and plugging it back in.    However, this caused the shunt to trip.  

Does anyone know what (in the settings) may have caused USB cable pull to invoke the shunt trip - even though the independent 24v power input was stable?    Here's my "Critical" settings...

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Batrium dual power (24v + USB) but USB troubles - by OffGridInTheCity - 05-20-2020, 03:00 PM

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