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Charge controller configuration
From on old thread I found some great info for helping me set up my first powerwall, which I am most grateful for  Smile

 My MPPT charge controller I have set up in 'Gel' mode, as there is no equalisation in that mode, it wants to be programmed for Absorption volts and Absorption time. I have a 7s 70p with average 2000mA /cell

What I am not sure about is what I ought to set the Absorption time to?

It's a Rich Electric SS-50C charge controller (which I have used for years with my old lead acid batteries)

Many thanks for any advice!  Smile
Set the time to 0. You dont want led acid functionality on lithium. Set float and bulk to basically same voltage. You can diff 0.1v IF needed to top up
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Wonderful! Many thanks daromer!!! Wink

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