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48v battery for a ryobi 48v self propelled lawn mower
The lawn mower(46v6v r ryobi has 2 24v LA batteries both have been dying for years one charges to 23v and no higher the other one 28.3v. Well I checked them just the other day and they were sitting at 13v and 18v.
 The battery holder is 210mm x 185mm.So I put together 2 7s10p batteries can I make the 2 7sx10p into a 14s10p by  connecting the two in series and use the 14s BMS I have on hand or is there something more I would  have to do?  The cells are spot welded in 4 x 5 cell holders with one cell left empty.
The only 7ss BMS i have are 20a.
Not even sure The battery will be able to power the motor but I think it will. the largest fuse are 60 a on the positive and negative connections.
The 18650's are from ebikes/escooters 10 amp continuous 2600 mah. which tested 2650+ most in the mid 2700's.

Later floyd

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