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Diy 24v power supply
I got my iCharger 4010 duo in today. I am wondering if anyone has tried to do this for a power supply:

I have a few extras from mining cryptocurrencies and am thinking about trying it. Just got to wait till Saturday for the nylon screws and washers.

Thanks in advance,

Well I did it. Haven't hooked it up yet, but it is built.

Looking forward to seeing how it works - good luck. 

I use an APC1500 - which are 24v based - as my bench 24v power supply for my iCharger X8.  The APC keeps my 7s7p battery charged and alternately I can put a load on the APC (variable 500w halogen lamp) to draw power out of the battery as regenerative discharge fills it up if I'm in a hurry.
I have used a different model HP PSU for my 4010... works fine.

Input limit of the charger is about 50 volts which is needed to get the max out of it.  That said I usually use a 12s battery when I need that much power.

I did get enough of these do make a 48v version, but I haven't completed the project yet.. 24v version I did finish, and dont forget you need to float the ground on these things.  Videos and info out there and be careful with the mod.  Don't let the cases touch and some PSU like this more than others.

Yea, I followed this video:

Do you have to float the ground of both psu's or just 1? The guy in the video said you only had to do just 1.

I will be running them from a 240v plug. That should give me close to the max of 2400 total watts. That should be give me plenty of power to charge enough at a time for me, or so I hope. If not, I might add another psu to made 36v and stop there. I don't need to charge all my batteries at once. lol

I have a few of those 750 watt psu's. I have pushed them pretty hard on cryptomining machines. I had some running at 770 watts 24/7 for months at a time before I upgraded to the 1200 watt psu's. The server psu's can put out some power.

Thanks for the info,

I only floated one of them.

The main concern is to not exceed the input current limit of the 4010... that becomes easier to prevent with a higher input voltage.

I'm working mostly with EV batteries so it tend to push the charger, and usually charge in dual channel synchronized. That said, I do back off the throttle when it starts getting warm, I just like to be nice to the charger and try not to beat it up for no reason.
Be careful powering chargers with power supplies in series. There were earlier reports that some duo iChargers can be killed if one of the power supplies fails or shuts down, e.g. see here or here. I don't know if the latest models still have this problem
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