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7S BMS 200A from China

Thought I would share my findings.  The BMS in the picture is not the same as delivered way better.

Ordered 7s 200a BMS that cost $160 for china.  Woo very impressed with the build quality shes not small lol.  Done some basic testing at 100a all ok, need a few days to see how the balancing works out.  I will report back my findings. 

Any way to pop off the heatsinks and take a look at the board?

Impressive unit
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Did try removing screws it would not come off.  My guess is the red sink is glued to the mosfets
The voltage parameters cannot be changed, can they?
Unfortunately, that makes these types of BMSs useless for powerwalls, since the balancing will only start when cells reach 4.18V.
What are you planning to use it for?
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I have been using an active balanced its worked really well.

You can also buy a 2amp 5amp and 10amp

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