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BMS for RV Tesla Modules Build
Hello all, 

I am working on building a storage system for my travel trailer with four paralleled Tesla modules (24 cells, 22.8V).  I am going to use Victron components, but I am still up in the air concerning a BMS.   I was hoping some people can give me their thoughts on their Tesla builds.  

So far I have looked into REC-BMS, EMUSBMS, and SIMPBMS.  Still trying to decide.  I like the bluetooth of the EMUSBMS.  And the SIMPBMS seems to work very well with Victron.  Does anyone know if the parameters of the SIMPSBMS can be changed via connection with VENUS or CERBO GX?  

What are some recommendations for a BMS for the Tesla modules that integrate with Victron well?  

Here is my layout.


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BMS for RV Tesla Modules Build - by CappyJax - 06-05-2020, 03:27 AM

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