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Which fuses can be used for protection in the DC area for two directions
The other part is with breakers the mechanical movemnt delay determines part of the net fault energy transfer.

Consider if the contacts stay conductive for 0.1mS while the fault current flows.
Then consider a 48V supply and a 0.01 Ohm inline resiatance (will skip full impedance at this point for simplicity).
The fault current would be 4800 Amps
For 0.1mS this equates to only 0.48 Joules of energy - tiny yes....
The issue is then how much damage can 0.48 Joules of energy inflict on the wekest link.

Then consider the first google search result summary for simplicity
"Circuit breaker CB-3 is set to trip if an overload of 2000A or greater occurs for 0.080 seconds. Circuit ..."

48V x 2000A x 0.08 seconds == 7680 Joules !!!! No longer a tiny amount of energy.

Pulse 7680 Joules of energy in a laser at 6.34uS and thats 1.21GW marty !!! Time travel !!!
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If you can't quantify how much they cost, it's a deal, I'll buy 5 of them for 3 lumps of rocking horse ......
(07-06-2020, 11:04 AM)daromer Wrote: Wolf it it blows your fuses you have wrong fuses for that inverter. They often should be b or c characteristics.

Inrush current limiting should not be needed for appliances for normal homes.

Also note that with a proper breaker between the inverter and battery you can also minimize the sparks created. Like the ABB series do.

Oh I know I had the wrong fuses but at that time I was a noob and just wanted my 15000W (Yes 15000 chinese Watts) Inverter hooked up.
What a noob...........................
Since my maximum consumption with everything on in the house is 4000W I have no idea why I bought this beast.
Nevertheless it will have an ABB S3 100A shunt trip on it soon Smile

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For Info Google Drive

Great ABB shunt breaker seller River City Industrial
Great prices and superb service.
 [Image: em2566%20(1)__19172.1521541365.jpg?c=2]

Not your average Wolf       

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