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YR1035 manual
Ordered an IR tester as advised.
But it came with a chinese manual.
I managed to test some cells but i am curious about the other 7 pages in the manual.
Does anybody have an english manual?

thank you.
your image is undefined. please try again. This why previewing before posting (especially with images) is a good thing Wink
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I would contact a seller that has the English version and just ask them for the manual.
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Here the pic again.
I wrote to the seller but no answer yes.

i had the same problem and my seller sent me some explanations. Also told me that the YR1035+ was the chinese version and the YR1030+ was the english version. Go figure you want to buy the higher # tester to get the best revision and then you find out its in chinese. The YR1030+ is in english. But after about a month they came out with the english version of the YR1035+
Well you are in luck as I have both of these and did side by side screen shots.
As far as a manual is concerned I don't have one of them either.

Hope it helps.
Here are the sellers pictures.

Here are mine side by side with all the menus and submenu.

For Info Google Drive

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 [Image: em2566%20(1)__19172.1521541365.jpg?c=2]

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Thanks Wolf.
My Unit is in english. Thank God.
But the manual that came with it is 7 pages of chinese letters.
I can do the selfe explaining stuff but i am curious what else is written there. I just hit some random buttons and got into the menu Smile
The seller told me to wait. He has to ask the manufacturer.
So lets see how long that takes.

(06-06-2020, 07:21 PM)loyd Wrote: Here the pic again.
I wrote to the seller but no answer yes.

Take a picture of the screens and use google translate or Yandex translate.

Yous the Google translate app on your Cellphone or tablet and you can LIVE translate the screens or manual.

You can translate it yourself. I do stuff like that all the time. You see all sorts of funny thing especially when translating text on Circuit boards.
I did that on my BMS .... Got some funny stuff like "you want hot hands touch here" etc.
I will try and lough.


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