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New (used) cabinet
I picked up this freight damaged Sandusky lee counter height cabinet yesterday.

The top was messed up by ups? but is reasonably square with both keys to the key lock.

I will be installing backerboard on the inside and more bracing for the shelves and 1 more shelf at least. This will be for a 14s60p-100p battery

The dimensions are 42" tall (1.075M x .90m x .600m) x 36" x 24" right now it has 3 shelves.

it should be able to hold the battery on two shelves.
 later floyd
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Nice find!
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Thanks. I think i am back on track should have a completed battery (I know never finished Smile ) soon. I will save the cabinet for when /if I get some land. Can't see moving the battery once I get it completed.
I have around 2500 LG 18650's 2600 and above and two BYD lifepo4 24olt batteries I can easily put the BYD batteries into service.
Later floyd

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