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DIY 3D-Printed 3250W Motor with Downhill Bike. I need help please!?
Hey guys my name is Kevin and I am trying to make my own 3D printed motor mounts and gear e-bike. I have a custom downhill bike, made locally in Vancouver, Canada.
Here are the list of my parts:

Battery: ????

I am trying to make this system a mid-drive system with my own design buy using a e-skate motor. I am looking for input on building a lithum-ion battery pack. I am using a belt driven gear rational of 190KV = 16 teeth/300 teeth = 10.133 torque ratio

I am thinking of building a 12S6P battery with Samsung 40T 21700 4000mAh 35A Battery

My main question, would this setup on the battery be good enough for the motor and VESC. I want to provide enough voltage and current for the most efficient performance.
I have some PIctures below as well.
There is a Fusion360 early concept design 

Please let me know what you think any help will be appreciated. Thank You!

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