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Autonomous Solar Boat
Hi first post so be gentle. I'm in the process of building a solar powered boat, 5ft long and 18 inch wide. My goal isnt too ambitious, just want something to continuously  scan and monitor a large remote lake

At present  I'm aiming to use  a 18650 Li-ion Battery 5s 9p giving me 19.8Ah, can go bigger if needed space not an issue. At present my system is using around 15W depending on load and speed. Using an app I've calculated I should get around 18hrs run time. My motors will be running 24/7 ,so i'm about 6hours short so far
I obviously need solar panels to keep battery charged. I'd be looking at an average of 6hrs usable sunlight (Uk )  

Should I increase battery to enable 24hrs inc charging  or even 30 hrs. What size panels should I be looking at. Any thoughts on how I would calculate this would be appreciated.
wrong section. Not for questions, but build progress.
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