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Newbie's problems
Hello to everyone! I'm a completely newbie here, but I decided to do something by myself once in my life. (Before that I always used repair services.)
So, the problem is in my electric hedge trimmer. It was working for several years. I should say I don't use it really often (I believe, once a month or so) 
I think it just burned out but I want it being alive again and I need some advice. 
What should I start from the diagnostic of my garden tool? 
How will I understand where the problem is? 
Are there any tips on how to disassemble it in parts but after that not being confused?
Hopefully you have a bit of knowledge about electrical & mechanical things?
Maybe take out some screws, put apart a bit, take pics of how it was there,
Take apart more, more pics.
Look for obvious damage/burnt-out bits.
Find the battery pack, count how many cells & measure the voltage.
Be careful of the battery & don't short the wires.
Tell us the make & model & any details like voltage on the unit & its charger.
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I would start with the battery pack. Pull it out and check the voltage. See if takes a charge. If nothing, then the pack is dead. If it can take a charge, even if it only holds for an hr or so and the hedge still doesn't turn on, then you could have issues in the electronics of the tool itself.
Then start slow disassembly in a nice open clear space. A good sized work bench will work but I would recommend putting something down like an old sheet or something to catch any tiny bits (like screws, springs) from flying if you drop them.
Take pictures, unless you have eidetic memory. Go slow, don't rush. Use an old toothbrush to clean the circuit board if there's crud in there. Regular rubbing alcohol will work fine for a solvent/cleaner.
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Lets start with confirming that it is battery powered? I'm guessing so since you are here.

What make and model specifically? Perhaps someone reading this will know the unit and its issues.

A google search can often bring up other people's experiences with a product, or even with similar/same family/series.

And before you disassemble anything, there are a number of things you you can do and check for.

What state is it in...
- Does it have any lights? And are they different to normal operation?
- Does it work at all? Even if it just runs real slow - that's info.
- Does it make any noises - suggesting signs of life, or perhaps bad/grinding/crunching noises etc?
- Does it smell different - did you let the smoke out?

If its battery operated... (based on a removable pack)
- Does the battery charger indicate its good or no?
- What voltage does it read (need a voltmeter for this one)?
- Have you tried another battery?
- Check and clean the contacts on the battery and trimmer.

Some of these things are just second nature to those of us who attempt to fix anything that goes kaput.
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