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EBL charger to recover batteries
^^ That's the way i'd do it if I could SMD solder the TP4056, but I can barely regular solder, so I just used chargers that are rated for 0.1Amps like for an old bluetooth headset. They will deliver 5V at 0.1 Amps and achieve the same result with no soldering.
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Check out my long-term capacity test of 18650s:
it is not necessary to use a smd resistor.
i use a 10k and 3.3k in series tacked to the pads after removal of the stock r.
i even have 1 with a 10 turn trimpot so i can set whatever i want.
sounds like Generic needs to curb shop on trash day for some practice fodder.
plenty of biodegradable chinese electronics on the curb.
I didn't mean an SMD resistor, I just meant the pads on most SMD parts are so close together, that I usually end up creating an unwanted solder bridge. I love the idea of using a potentiometer and being able to change the resistance value infinitely. I was just letting people know that there was another way to lower the output of the TP4056 without soldering. Plus I love re-purposing old things like wall-wart chargers.
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Check out my long-term capacity test of 18650s:

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