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Leaf battery pack bus bar location + DC grounding
Hi DIY Powerwallers,

I'm nearly complete with building my 14S7P Leaf module battery pack and I have a couple questions that I hope someone can answer.

1) Should I alternate bus bar location from top to bottom between each 7P module stack as I've seen on other packs? I was hoping to connect between packs at the middle module and install Leafmons on the top module. Was thinking current flow should be equal coming from 3 modules above and 3 modules below the center module.

2) My Leaf packs are mounted in a metal enclosure I welded up out of a heavy duty shelf kit. I had planned on grounding the enclosure to the ground lug on the bottom of my XW+ 6848 inverter which electrically is the same as the AC neutral/ground. Schneider Electrics instructions for DC grounding are somewhat vague regarding bonding the negative battery terminal to ground as well. Was thinking that battery negative should be isolated, but I've seen different wiring diagrams showing battery negative isolated and others showing connected to ground. Perhaps grounding the negative of battery is for mobile applications such as boat or RV and for stationary applications it's not required? I've read horror stories on the web of Schneider inverters burning up because of improper grounding so I want to make sure I do this properly. Big Grin

Any help with these questions is much appreciated. Thanks.

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