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Soldering 18650 tips and tricks.
Hey guys, just got me some nice new LG 18650 cells from a website ( would highly recommend for us Europeans btw)

All I'm asking is for some tips for soldering 0.15mm nickel strips to said batteries. I'm not too bad with a soldering iron I've built a few racing drones and they seem to work ok lol. My main concern is the heat, I've scoured YouTube for videos, and the general consensus is that as long as you're quick, heat isn't a problem. I guess its finding that sweet spot of time and heat.
It's a small 6s3p pack for field charging lipos. I'm not planning on getting a spot welder (feel free to recommend some good ones though) so soldering is the way to go for me.

Nickel strip and soldering is trickier and generally doesnt end up very nice. I highly recommend spot welder for that like the Suunko 709AD or the Kweld for battery power.

I have several soldering cells videos otherwise (DIY Tech and Repairs). As you said its about being rather quick. With a good set of mass on the soldering iron you will get that.
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The biggest tip I can give you is, use a big tip.

As daromer says, you need that thermal mass. The nickel strip pulls heat away pretty quickly, so you need to compensate for that. However, I would recommend spot welding as well.
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I wrote this guide a few years ago:

Safely soldering Li-Ion cells without causing any thermal damage
clean surfaces of all parts that get soldered.
fine sandpaper,ect.
good quality rosin core solder.
i use kester "44" 63/37.
and most important is a iron/station with high temp AND a heavy tip with lots of mass.
what i do is to hit the surfaces with my dremel with a cutting wheel to clean and slightly roughen.
quickly tin the cell and whatever i am soldering to it.then solder the joint.
takes about 2 seconds to do it.
cool the joint with a wet rag if you want.
i developed this method building high current rc race packs.
no nickle strips would work here.
copper bussbars and copper woven ground strap.
the cells were matched on a matcher and the packs assembled.
these motors drew up to 60a.

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