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DIY portable generator
I'm tossing around the idea of a portable power bank.  Ala Kodiak/Bluetti/Goal Zero

Lots of options for different batteries.
Lots of options for different solar charge controllers.
Tons of options for different "ports to plug into".

However, I really want it to be able to plug into AC outlet and be kept charged. And I'm just not finding a lot of options.

Ideally I'd love to find an inverter/charger between 750W and 1500W.

Victron makes one (Multiplus 12 or 24/1000) but it is a 230VAC output (european) and I haven't seen a similar in 110v for US.

Heck an AC->DC charger that will work properly with Lithium and at least a 10a charge rate would work.

I'd love to find a similar "package" as what the Goal Zero/Kodiak have.

So anyone have some good options?
The way I read your post...  maybe you're 1/2 way between buying one ( youtuber @DIY Solar Power with Will Prowse has several reviews ) and building one.   

DIY - 
The cheapest 'base' idea I can think of is to use a UPS (such as APC 1500).  It plugs in, charges the battery, and delivers AC power plugged or unplugged as you stated in your requirements.   You can use 7s lithium ion as a battery source.  APCs will charge 7s lithium-ion to 3.95v'ish / 75% full (not bad / long life).     I only mention this because its CHEAP - Here's ebay $60 -  as off the cuff example.
Just build a battery and you may have to 'trick it' to work on battery mode without a 120v source to enable it. 

Otherwise, these things start adding up to hundreds of dollars as far as I've seen.   I'm sure you'll get other ideas here Smile
For charging, I would just use a AC to DC charger or a DC-DC converter and an appropriately sized wall-wart if you really wanted to do it from AC. I charge mine with a small solar setup at home, and just let it charge slowly over the course of a few days because I really don't use it that often.

Really helps to know your design and use goals too... For me personally, the reason I build my own is because I very rarely need an AC inverter. Most of all my loads are DC, and buying a Kodiak/Bluetti/Goal Zero means I spend money on things I dont even need/want.
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As posted above, I would highly recommend will prowse's youtube channel for this kind of stuff.

Sounds like you want to use it as a UPS? Lots of great options out there, and his reviews are 100% honest.

Good luck Smile
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Will Prowse just did a video on a DIY, portable solar generator in the $1000 range  -   It highlights an MPP Solar all-in-one solar/120v-charger/120v-inverter (around $600 I think),  BMS, and even discusses a 12v@40a DC-DC take-off.   Touches on key components to consider Smile

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