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Charge Controller Question
So yesterday I had a disturbing moment.
I have 2 MakeSkyBlue 50A (MSB) charge controllers collecting from 2 arrays.
1 array faces easterly and the other westerly. Each array consists of 6 250W panels.
I have the MSKs set to 4.07V for absorption and 4.06V for float.

Since I am a stickler for having all my sensor readings recorded and available live and historical at any moment in time I noticed yesterday that one of my MSB units was not stopping at 4.07V but continuing to charge. My batrium was going ballistic trying to bypass at 4.08V so I immediately raised the bypass to 4.15V and continued to watch.
Here is the trace of this incident.
There is a glitch on cell 1 dropping to 3.95V at ~13:00  just after I set the bypass to 4.15V. I am attributing that to the Batrium accepting the change as I have not seen it again or have noticed any other cell issues.

Here is the Battery V in perspective.

The Temperature topped out at ~101°F in the plant (Shed) and am wondering if that could have caused the MSB to go wonky.
Here is the trace of the 2 MSB amperage outputs.
As you can see Controller 2 (orange trace) went out of "control".
After about 90 min it dropped right down to nothing realizing it had been a bad controller and meandered till the V was low enough on the pack for it to charge again. Also you can see Controller 3 (purple trace) was out a little early and did not participate in this mutiny.
I do understand that the MSB controllers aren't the top of the line and I will ask for a replacement suggestion at the end.
I will keep an eye on it today as it is another hot day in Maine and see if there is a repeat of this shameful disobedience of its programing.

So this brings me to the question of recommendations.
I am not married to the MSB controllers and I bought these in the early days of my solar adventure so there was little research done except for the price.
Now I know better. Smile
As my panels face as described initially in 2 different hemispheres although at noon both are well saturated by the sun I thought that 2 controllers would be beneficial as one would pick up after the other one was no longer at an optimum angle for good solar collection.
My question is should I just combine the 2 arrays giving me 3000W into 1 quality controller (I am thinking Victron but open to suggestions) or should I still split the arrays as they are and go with 2 controllers.

Any input is appreciated.

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