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Charge Controller Question
(06-19-2020, 08:06 PM)completelycharged Wrote: Just a thought looking at the output from controller 3 vs the battery voltage do you have the float and bulk voltages on the MSB set to the same voltage ? The question is why did controller 3 not pickup again when the battery voltage declined ?

Looking at the cell voltage chart the timing is different as to the peak compared to the chart voltage with the controllers in. Do you have the same day data on each chart ? The data does not match ?


Yea its the same data but you know you can look at my Grafana dashboards at any time.
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I even put together the pertinent graphs in a dashboard called Playground,
Just select the last 2 days on the right  or whatever and then you can drill down to the incident and examine it if you want.

6/18/2020 between 12:00 and 14:00, May be different in your time zone though.

Ah yes the MSB issue with voltages. If have both of them to set to 14.2 Absorption and Float (I lied in my initial post) which is 56.8V   = 4.057 per cell.
The problem is that the units are 0.2 Volts different from each other and tend battle once the system goes to float so 1 will drop out and it is usually Controller#2 the east side and #3 the west will pick up and continue. Also the V readings on the MSB controllers isn't the most accurate either.
During the "incident" the battery voltage was high so no controllers where charging till the V on the pack went below float.

(06-19-2020, 09:07 PM)OffGridInTheCity Wrote: I would start with one.  The Classics handle a 4000w range -   Assuming your arrays (East and West) are similar panels/wired for a similar voltage, then I don't see why one wouldn't work.  My panels wired in 3s.   Each Midnite does a 3s5p set of panels.  Some of the 3s(s) are shaded in first 1/2 of the day but the voltage is fine and parallels in with the other (unshaded) 3s(s) and things seems to work very efficiently - e.g. a common voltage (+/- 10%) but differing amps is the best design for the controller's MPPT.    

Yes I am running them in a 3s2p config. if I went with 1 it would then of course be 3s4p.
Something to mull over.
Thanks for the info.

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