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Difference between a 'CCCV' supply and just a 'CC' supply.
Yea the Mean Well documentation isn't totally clear about what is programmable and what isn't. But one of the notes for the RCB-1600-48 does say:

"8. When charging lead acid battery or battery without BMS, use breaker to disconnect charger and battery after fully charged."

Which suggests it is not attempting to manage the disconnect by itself.

If you have any other suggestions for a 58.8v/circa 15A charger I am very much all ears, but I absolutely want to be able to modify the charge current to allow slow overnight charges. Mean Well are a respected brand, and their prices are ver good for what they offer, which is why y focus has landed here.
Eltek Flatpak2 is known as a programable PSU and also can be controlled by some BMS systems out there. It acts as a charger if it can take common BMS commands.

I dont know many more to be afraid since i use a chargecontroller only and mainly use solar for it Smile
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Cheers, just having a look at them, but they look like they are serving a market well beyond myself... You know when you can't find prices anywhere they are probably out of your league!

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