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Spot Welder for around $500?
I'm looking online a d see tons of stuff, overwhelmed. I want something for spot welding cells. A foot pedal would be nice or using pressure. Would rather not use the hand held kind. But wouldn't say no to it being in the design. Any suggestions? I really appreciate it.
Kweld one of the best
Malelectric the one I use now, have a foot pedal but use the auto pulse feature
many diy welders
various SUNKKO welders not sure which ones are good from what I have read don't get a 110v one

Later floyd
Suunko 709ad 230vac version works to. But you need atleast 16a c rated breakers
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malectrics for about 100, i had mine for about 3 years and works excellent, the newer version has a better display. On mine i put the trigger switch (momentary switch) on the probe tips its more convenient for me. when everything is lined up, I just press the switch.

For best results use 6 gauge pure copper welding cables for the probes, i also use 10 gauge pure copper nails as probe tips. The thicker the probe cable the more amps get into the probe tips giving you excellent welds at the lower power settings. If the power setting is too high the cables start getting hot. Using handheld is best expecially on larger packs. I get good results at power setting 5, and it goes all the way to 10, it has power to spare. I use the xt90 connector to quick connect to my battery.

I been using a 27ah agm battery to power my welder. The newer version you can use a 3s lipo battery as a power source. The 12 volt welders are as powerful as the plug-in types without the risk of popping your house breakers. 12 volt batteries can do this type of work all day long. These welders also take up very little space, easy to store when not in use.


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