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Easy way to harvest cells out of an A123 24v EMC pack
The batteries in question are these out of the ten batteries I bought  6 were 26.6v 3 were between 27v and 27.4v.
 I managed to harvest  8 cells from one battery. The 8 cells are at 3.33v. The Cells are soldered to the bms board. not much room to work . After my thumb deciding a nickel strip was a perfect landing spot i decided to ask if there is an easy way to harvest the cells.

 later floyd
At 3.3 they should be fine, you should capacity-test them.
By the case they look like a Canadian cell I've seen, but can't tell from the photos.
I just tested one of the cells on an OpusBT-C3400 which I change the swtch to the 3.7 position. Charge test 2304 mAh capacity. the orginal mAh is 2500, need to check ir.
I know 3.7v is a bit high and probably cut off before 2.8v charged at 2000mA discharged @ 1000mA
Can test two at a time like this. Probably would be better if I stuck with 1000mA for both charging and discharging.
Later floyd
Yes, test at max possible (1A).
With a pair of gloves it is pretty easy to break the board that the cells are mounted on. Once you have the board broken into 4 pieces (2 cells per piece) you will find that it is way more difficult to accidentally short the cells. Just take a pair of needle nose pliers and pry off the spot wielded bits.


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