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How to Test Amh capacity of your packed cells
Hi All,

I'm still harvesting and studying about secondlife storage....

I'm curious to know how do you determine the each battery cell capacity after grouped and package

so if I have a setup of 2 x 13s8p  ... in theory each p shoud have a similar capacity multiplied by humber of rows.... but is there a way to verify that ?

Thanks in advance, (maybe is too noob the question, and if there a resource that you can point me out, will be appreciated)

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Bat = GEL 250Ah
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(06-23-2020, 01:41 PM)507PowerWall Wrote: if I have a setup of 2 x 13s8p  ... in theory each p shoud have a similar capacity multiplied by humber of rows.... but is there a way to verify that ?..................
OK 507PowerWall,

First of we got to get you to study up on your nomenclature.
Ah = Amp hour (not Amh)
mAh = milliAmp hour
If your 8p cells are well matched in the packs then yes all the packs should have similar Ah capacity.
To test each pack you will need to charge them up with a charger and discharge to find the mAh or Ah of the pack.
There are many ways to do that. The easiest is with a proper charger/tester such as the icharger x6 or equivalent.
Read some info here

For Info Google Drive

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Not each cell but each 13s8p battery can be tested with a load from your upper voltage limit down to your lower voltage limit with meter there are several out there to chose from. Don't remember there names off the top of my head.
I have to ask why 13s? 14s gives you more usage power in the 48v range.
You could make the battery in sections if you went 14s, 2 7s sections can be tested with an Icharger x8, any of the icharger x010 line of charger/dischargers.
You can test your parallel groups as 1s on any of the icharger line of chargers/dischargers,using a 1s balance lead.

Later floyd
answers appreciaeted , more to get busy during quarentine !

also, please read the FAQ located on the main page to help get acquainted with terminology and basic information about cells, solar, charging, inverters, etc.
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