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Charger for a 60p 4s pack
So, I have spent several weeks (thanks to Covid,we can't go out much) building a trolling motor battery from salvaged 18650 laptop batteries.
Individually charge, test, pass or fail, until I got 240 cells at 2000maH or better.
I now have a 60p 4s pack.
My question is . . . How do I charge it ?
To charge single cells, I use is a CC CV 4.2v 1A lab supply.
To charge the pack at that rate, I need 16.8v, 60 Amp.
It doesn't have to be fast. Overnight is fine.
Also, I have spent about $50.00 so far - I don't want to spend $500 on a charger.
Any suggestions ?
Thanks !
I have a 3s90p pack where I replaced a lead acid in one of those portable power units.
I use an Accucell 6 (hobby) charger with sense leads to charge it, like this -

It works but does take many hours.
Thanks! I will check into it.
a buck converter (about 10 dollars) and any 19 volt laptop adapter will charge it. Its what i use to charge my 3s battery, the buck converter is easily adjusted to whatever voltage and amps you want. Laptop adapters can put out from 4 amps up to 12 amps on some of the larger adapters.

The buck converter (being CV/CC) will give your battery a very good charge. Before i use to use a balance charger but its too much hassle programming it everytime. These buck converters are plug and play, once you set your volt/amps all you have to is connect the input/output and it starts charging.

300 watt buck converter. It says 20 amps on the picture but i saw tests on it on youtube and its maxes out about 15 amps. I charge my pack at max of 6 amps, i make sure a fan is blowing on the converter.

buck converter with a 4 dollar volt/amp LED meter. With the ampmeter you can tell when your battery is almost full, the amps will drop to less then 100ma.

And also get a tenergy lipo alarm(about 12 dollars). I use these on my packs when I don't balance charge to warn me in case the bms fails. This sounds an alarm if a cell voltage goes above 4.22 volts or below 3 volts. Its lcd so you can leave connected 24/7. i found some of my packs will self discharge below recommended voltage if not used in months. This alarm will warn you before its too late.
Thanks ! I have the Tenergy modules and volt/amp meter already , and can find laptop supplies.
The boost converter looks promising .

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