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Dismantling batrium bms with connectors stucked into blockmons
I am moving tomorrow and I need to dismantle my battery with a batrium BMS. 
But when I try to unplug the 2 & 4 pins connectors out of the blockmon, it looks stuck, it looks like the black coating of the blockmon has melted and merged into the connectors (attached pictures). 
[Image: jkptjy1.jpg]
[Image: tieanz1.jpg]

Given that batrium specify: "When installing, remember to insert the 4 pin connectors last. In the same way, always unplug the 4 pin connector first before disconnecting the battery terminals to prevent possible high voltage events damaging the BlockMons", I am a bit afraid to disconnect the positive red ring and the blockMon without being able to disconnect the 4 pin connector first, though I am not sure to have any other choice. 
Does anyone know how likely it is that I will damage the blockMon this way?
If I can unplug a couple of connectors in the middle of the chain, should I do it?

Any quick advice much appreciated!!
The connectors will come apart ok, it's the upper part with the small shoulder lip on it that comes out.
The lower white body part remains there. You just have to pull. Don't use pliers or other metal tools or you might short the wires.
The black paint doesn't melt - it's a rock solid epoxy (or similar) type coating.
Running off solar, DIY & electronics fan :-)
You are right, thanks for the help!

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