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18650 battery pack design?
I need to make 18650 battery pack with 6 or so cells. It need to have charging and protection circuit. I will use it with my LED dimming panel. Can someone show me what do I need to buy from ebay and what is the cheapest option for making something like that. Is there some kind of module for that and how to charge 6 batteries all in once.tweakbox appvalley
It's a bit of an open ended question... You haven't provided any real design criteria about the application.

What is the input voltage range of the LED dimmer panel? 
Do you need a DC-DC converter for constant voltage?
How much current does the load consume and how long do you need it to run?

Depending on how you intend to charge, you can use a basic wall-wart in which case you will need a BMS.  BMS sizing will be determined by the above questions.  Alternately, if you choose to use an RC balance charger as many do, you could exclude the BMS board as it would be managed more like an RC battery.

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