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electronicsNmore: Reliable Brand(WZRELB) 3000W/6000W Surge OFF-GRID Power Inverter
Reliable Brand(WZRELB) 3000W/6000W Surge OFF-GRID Power Inverter Tests!

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Proceed with caution. Knowledge is Power! Literally! Cool 
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I looked at these a couple of years ago and was tempted but they are a high frequency type and was unsure about the surge handling.

Interesting test although when the output voltage dropped below 90V on overload that was a little concerning because the output waveform must be getting quite distored. Probably the battery unable to provide the input draw of what would have been close to 300A (the input fuse rating he had) ?

The short circuit test..... at least there was no fire... interesting lack of any signs of damage though so guessing the output fets failed. If the two large capacitors had around 180V in then it's the output fets.

Forgot to add.... if you ever use the type of fuse the guy had on the battery, then secure the cable because at 300A the fuse is likely to melt and break apart, leaving a free moving cable to move over and short out on the battery terminal...
If you can't quantify how much they cost, it's a deal, I'll buy 5 of them for 3 lumps of rocking horse ......
I bought 3 Reliables a couple of years ago.    
- A 24v 2000w - and I 'broke it' (like the 120v  short test - just quit working) hooking house ground to it.  It says 'don't do this -so that was my bad.
- A 48v 3000w - and it melted into a DEAD SHORT when I tried to run a 11a@120v air conditioner on it.  The dead short was 'scary'.  I found melted PCB traces - and *the fuses didn't blow*.   I was saved because I had a circuit breaker between battery and the unit.   Not safe to have things melt!
- A 24v 1500w I use in my custom solar-charger-in-a-cooler...  and it works fine to run my K-Cup and TV while camping - no problems so far.

I see youtubes here and there - the 8000w model seems 'solid' for some people.  Others didn't do well - see @DavidPoz videos. 

So overall - I have mixed feelings.   I wouldn't say 'heck no' but I don't feel its 'safe' (because of the dead short issue) unless you're careful.
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