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New member from Northern California
I have self installed three PV systems myself and had three professionally installed. I started messing around with Headway cylindrical cells on an e bike project in 2010. That evolved into an EV conversion of a VW powered by Winston prismatics. As EVs became more available I leased some compliance EVs and then bought my first Tesla in 2016.

I am retired and still enjoy messing around hobby electronics. I am currently running an Outback Skybox on some Nissan Leaf modules, but that pack is being sold and I am configuring a 28kW pack of new LFP 280 Ahr cells. This will be the first time I will have used new cells since my EV conversion in 2015. In 2015 i purchased some used Thunderskys to power  a Radian. In 2017 I bought a used Nissan Leaf pack, part of which is now powering my Skybox.
Hope to hear more about your projects. They sound alot more interesting than mine.
Northern California also

later floyd

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