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hellol! From Ireland
Hello there, 
I'm currently building a little off grid system and researching battery options, I really want to build a powerwall but I've yet to find a decent step by step instructional vid. 
I've built myself a little waterwheel for now and am currently in the process of wiring it to the little shed Smile 

some of the waterwheel build here Smile 
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Hi great idea and you can find lots of info here or on the internet this is a sample with lots of ideas and now to do it ..... good luck .....

Also look for 12 or 24 vol water pumps just in case you need to transfer the water to another tank ???
> really want to build a powerwall but I've yet to find a decent step by step instructional vid. 
There's a youtuber @Joe Malovich that uses a water driven generator to make electricity.    This episode will give you an intro -  where he feeds the generated power into a Midnite Classic Charge Controller - e.g. an example that a Midnite Classic will work to convert this type of power generation into battery charging. 

The general outline of doing a powerwall is something like this:

   Power (Water or Solar) ->  Charge Controller -> Battery Bank -> Inverter -> power-consumption.

You can choose off-grid, grid-tie, or hybrid - just substitute water power for solar power in systems you see  Smile
Awesome water wheel.

Get some old disk drives people are throwing out and remove the magnets. Add these to the side of the wheel and then add a one or more coils that the magnets will pass. POWWWWEEER !
If you can't quantify how much they cost, it's a deal, I'll buy 5 of them for 3 lumps of rocking horse ......
A car (or truck) alternator could be a good way to get 12 (or 24V) from the water wheel
Have you calculated how much power you will get from the wheel. If the wheel is 2m high and there is 10kg of water in each bucket, a rotation gets ~200 Joules. If a half rotation is 10 seconds, that is 20W.
A car alternator is 45-60W.

Also, I may be able to get you some second like 7.5V 35Wh packs in Ireland


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