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Bitterman Battery Energy Storage System v0.1
First post on this.

My goal is to have an energy storage system that is readily expandable to augment and eventually take over my grid-tie system at a minimal cost.

I can't do the open wall set up in my house, it needs to be enclosed, outside, and safe.

So far I have
- 650x 18650 cells
            - 2x ZB2L3 Capacity Tester (will procure more unless there are other recommendations)
            - 10x TP4056 charger
            - 8 bay commercial 18650 battery charger
            - Used power supply from PC that I will be converting over to a bench power supply for charging
-PMW charge Controler (may source MPPT charge controller, been using this w/ a lead-acid system for a few years
- 2x 1500W 24VDC->110VAC inverters (may sell one-off to fund project components)
-6x solar panels (50W/6VDC each)  Can buy more at 20/unit
- A case that I may use to house the project (old ammo case)

Need to get
-Wire,fuses, connections, etc.
- Battery holders, fuses, etc
- Rack for solar array to mount on flat roof

I am still watching youtube videos, and reading the forum.  I know this is a bit early to have a post like this but I  wanted to put something out there.  Plus would love any input if I am totally off track.

If this is in the wrong section, sorry I will delete and repost.

Welcome to the forum.  Looks like a good start to me.  Watch out - it get's addictive fast Smile
(06-28-2020, 09:18 PM)DonaldBitterman Wrote: If this is in the wrong section, sorry I will delete and repost.

This is the correct section to post projects Wink You're good to go. Welcome to the forum.
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