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Ninebot Cell disassembly
For those of you that are fortunate to get these cells here is the best way that I have found to salvage them and clean them up.
12 batteries 20 cells each 240 cells.

First thing I do is take a utility knife blade and flick the spot welded tabs on the buss PCB up as best as possible 

Then I take a pair of side cutters and pull up on the tabs that I just exposed. Some of them have goo on them some not.

Once you pull the tabs up you have weakened the bus bar attachment and you can pop it off with a plastic upholstery tool

The PCB on the end will just pop off

Do 1 side at a time as if you do both you will bend the tabs back in place.

Once you are done removing the buss bars take a #1 phillips screwdriver and remove the 2 hidden screws under the silicone 

Then turn the battery around and use the same #1 philips to unscrew the support rod that holds the cells together.
I use a drill and just push in as hard as I can and it will eventually come apart. Practice required Big Grin

The cells will then separate into individual 4 packs

You can then remove as much of the nickle as you like. I just remove enough to free them from the plastic holder.

Set them aside for final processing.

Final processing with small flush cutters

Final results a nice purple pyramid.

Into the box for testing.

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Also there are at least two type of ninebot batteries the ones with the metal bar and hidden screw, Ones with abs connectors between every 4 cell group. 90% have the metal bar and hidden screw.

Later floyd

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