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Option to replace single cell
i saw many styles of configuration of 18650 packs and i like the idea to make bus bars from installation cable copper and connect the strands to larger busses to the connectors.
What i wonder is how you build packs so that you can replace a single cell (maybe when it gets warm) without resoldering the whole pack.
This is why you bend busbars to traverse 'between' the cells in the 4 x 5 plastic cell holders.  This lets you break off the little plastic tabs...  unsolder and push the bad cell thru and then push a new cell into place and re-solder.     

Here's a great example from @HBPowerwall - see 2:39 where he actually pops out an old cell...

In addition, I build my packs to have 'empty slots' - so I can add cells if I need to to boost a pack.   I use the 4 x 5 plastic to physically protect the + and - lugs from sticking out past the end of the pack.   And if you take this further - you could just cut the wire from a bad cell (leaving it in place) and use a blank spot to add a new cell - but I've not actually done that - I've just added a few cells here and there to help balance out the packs.  
thats a good answer to my question. The empty spaces method and the method shown in the video are what i was looking for.

How i do it. Smile
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