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Storage Charge

I've just joined this forum, so I apologise if this has been asked a thousand times before, but I havn't seen it in previous lurking here...

So I'm at the harvesting / testing stage, and have been charging, sitting on the shelf for 2 weeks, then capacity testing the ones over 4.1V, weeding out all the heaters on the way...

The problem is that the graded batteries are going to be sitting on the shelf for months, before they are built into packs.  They are maybe half at 4.2V (the ones capacity tested over night), and the other half lower (3.5-4.1) voltage (where I was sitting next the the Lii-500 when they finished...

So in my head, I need to get them all to ~3.7V for storage, (so they are not destroying themselves), and also when I build up the packs, all being close(ish) will mean I'm not popping fuses as I build the pack...

So what I'm after is what is the normal way to do this? I'm searched ebay for some cheap Chinese module, but nothing seems available.  I guess I could make a circuit with I dunno, an comparator (opamp), a voltage reference, a transistor and a power resistor... But I don't want to re-invent the wheel, there must be some more standard way to do this?  Or if there isn't, maybe I could get some PCB's made up for my design of a 3.7V discharge kit?  Would they be of interest to anyone?
I use ZB2L3 module to discharge them to 3.6-3.7V. I have 4x plastic holder so i discharge 4 bateries at once. Of course make sure all 4 cells are at same starting voltage.
Cheap and very easy to build.
Cool, thanks for that... I've ordered a few just now...
I wouldn't stress about them sitting around at room temp / 4.15v for a couple of months.   I've done this routinely with no noticeable degradation.
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