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Anyone else having troube with you tube?
I went to lithiumSolar's page and This is what I get

I have restarted my computer, checked other you tube sites I can get to the video that was bookmarked. but i am greeted by greyed out boxes and circles.
I was trying to get to the video on the EMC 48 cell battery tear down. I bought some batteries and want to have the correct security driver. I already have a set but will need the longer one like mike used in the video.

Looks like it is a MAC FireFox problem, Safari works
later floyd

I was mixing videos up was the ryobi power tool 18v packs that needed the security torx. so just need a t10 torx which I probably have.
Try to use a different browser, chrome or firefox or Edge.
Or open an Private window or in chrome an incognito mode, see if the problem is still there.
I am having problems with Firefox v77.01 MAos10.14.6, as stated in the post I managed to get the videos to play with Safari. Smile
Later floyd

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