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Conext XW+ charging issue
(08-07-2020, 06:38 PM)clyleadams Wrote:
(08-06-2020, 11:01 PM)ZimInSeattle Wrote:
(08-06-2020, 03:26 PM)clyleadams Wrote: ZIM,  Have you solved this problem yet?  I have a 6848pro AC coupled with a solar edge inverter.  I sure would like it to charge the batteries when the AC OUTPUT side is positive (greater than the load).  I've changed every setting that can be changed and it just hangs out at .5V over recharge volts.  I have tripped the AC1 breaker but the solar edge inverter outputs too much much power for the Conext which goes into curtail mode which shuts the Solar Edge shuts off with a high freq fault.  Also,  the power seems to get abnormally flaky with flickering lights and lots of chattering in the Conext.  It sure seems like the Conext should be able to automatically charge the batteries to the bulk voltage setting when there is excess power on AC OUT.
No, clyleadams, I have not resolved the issue. I still need to wire in the Batrium. In my situation with net metering, grid acts as battery so all excess PV goes to grid. Doesn’t matter where the AC for charging battery comes from. I’ve just been manually bulk charging every few days. I’m pretty sure Batrium will be easy to integrate as they’ve already done the code for CAN bus from Watchmon to the Conext Bridge. Conext Bridge has been superseded by Conext Gateway which also has CAN bus interface. Are you grid tied & do you have net metering? So you have 8KW AC coupled into critical load panel? My understanding is you shouldn’t have more than the 6.8KW output rating of the XW Pro coupled into the load panel. I have 2KW into load panel & 8KW into main panel. It doesn’t really matter where the AC is coupled though except in the case of grid outage which never happens here.
Today my system started charging all on its own!  I turned off all of the advanced features on the conext except grid support,  put a charge block on until 8:30AM, and I set grid support volts and recharge volts at the same value.... 47.50 volts.  apparently,  we had a nice 120A battery draw at the perfect time and it lowered the battery volts below recharge volts long enough for a charge cycle to begin.  If this works consistently, I will be completely satisfied with it operating in this manner.  I will be able to use the battery at night and get a charge started after the battery is depleted in the AM.
Yup. Mines done that once or twice. It seems there’s always a 50 or 60 watt draw from battery to XW when in AC Pass Through. Think mine takes about 8 hours to burn that last half volt and begin charging. I have my grid support & recharge voltage set same as yours. I like to do charging during the day as I want inverted power available at night & morning when it’s dark.
Noted this morning XW+ was in the AC Pass Through 1/2 volt void above Recharge Voltage and only drawing about 15 watts. It went into AC Pass Through at 10pm last night at 47 volts and at 6:30am it was at 46.89 volts. Still 0.39 volts above 46.5v recharge setting. So all things being equal, I figure it would take about another 30 hours before recharge would occur on its own. Why oh why Schneider doesn’t have a setting to eliminate the half volt offset is beyond me. It would only make sense since in my case, and I’m sure in many others that are AC coupled, we’re only charging from what the XW would see as grid power.
Did it help? I'm having the same problem in 2020
(08-08-2020, 06:37 PM)noworries2095 Wrote: Did it help? I'm having the same problem in 2020

I'm guessing no, not yet.

But you asked the same day while the thread was still active, no need to include the year you're having the issue.

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