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[CLOSED] Powerwall 28kWh - UK, N.Wales
Hi, for sale is my powerwall which you can find the build detail for it here Dan's 57kWh Build . I finished the build at the beginning of the year but unfortunately I'm yet to even put it into service so its yet to be used. It doesn't look likely that I'm going to be able to use it any time soon either, it seems a shame to have it sat there so I'm selling it so someone can put it to good use and have many years of use out of it.

Only branded cells have been used!

All packs have been rigorously tested at ever stage and are fused on both sides with 0.15mm tinned copper wire. There are 8 packs that have been spot welded and 6 that have been soldered. (see pics)
All packs have had final capacity test with a icharger X6 and range between 528Ah and 542Ah so all packs are very closely matched.

It comes with the following items:

28kWh battery
Storage unit which houses the battery perfectly and has room to fit another battery of the same size.
Fuse Switch Disconnector
Busbar and box
70mm2 red&black cable x 1.5m
35mm2 red&black cable x 3m    (one end crimped already)
9x Liitokala - Lii-500

All you need to do is connect it to an Inverter and you are up and running.

I've no clue what this is worth, only the cost of materials i've put into it, the amount of cell holders cost over £200 alone.

So I'm open to sensible offers please

Collection only form Prestatyn Area, N,Wales.


Hi Wardy,

Interested, please get in touch.

Hi. I’m in North Wales and I am building a powerwall. I could pay £1,000 if that’s any good to you. I don’t need the x6 charger or the other Liitokalas.
I’m in Graigfechan near Ruthin, not far away.
Erv: Removed email link. If you wish to have them email you, please make sure you have that optioned turned on in your user profile
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Sorry it’s sold now anyway

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