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Big Grin 
Hello All! 
I am happy to have stumbled across this by dumb luck! I am a student working where we are tasked to find solutions for second life storage options. I was tired of the normal suggestions of using EV car batteries so I have been researching ways to use alternative battery options like combining more available batteries and building our own systems and VOILA! It led me to this wonderful forum. I have learned so much already but would love for experts in this area to reach out and help me more. You would be doing me a great help. Cheers!
Welcome there is lots to learn and many different methods
later floyd
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Thanks! I am already envisioning lots of ways to implement second life storage for myself. I had no idea I was going to get addicted to this when I started this project lol
One of the side effects diy powerwalls is the constant thought 'wonder if this has lithium batteries I can somehow use?"
Later floyd
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