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BMS lead connectors is there a industry standard?
Are all the 8 pin connectors that come with a 7s BMS the same as in there is a industry standard? I bought a cell tester and 3 of the pins don't match. I just need to know if it is a bad tester the pins misaligned or just the cheapo BMS harness.

7s18p pack

This BMS and tester

HRB rc cellmeter
Walfront 24V 20A 7Series BMS Protection Board
From my experience with 7s bms's connectors come in different spacing(pitches?) some are 2.54 mm some are 2.00 mm. I don't believe there is an Industry standard. 2.54mm is what many testers use. I have a couple 7s bms with what appears to be an even smaller pitch something like 1.5 mm
Later floyd
Also rc testers are designed for rc hobby, many rc batteries are charged with a rc balance charger. So no need for balancing with a bms.

The DIY Powerwall community has borrowed many tools from the RC community.
Why did you post this thread twice?
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