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MPPSolar PIP1012 3s or 4s???
Hello community.
I'm Fabian. I'm quite new to the 18650s world, but am processing cells like crazy.
My first project would be a battery for a PIP1012 I've got laying around.
And here the trouble starts:
The Inverters cut-off voltage can't be set to lower than 10.5 volts and the maximum charging voltage higher than 15 volts.
So, I'm sitting here trying to figure out what sort of configuration suits me best. So given that the MPPSolar can only partially cycle the bank, what would give me the greatest Ah in and out??
I am tending towards 3s since a few 12 volt applications would not like the 15 volts much.
Any of your input would be much appreciated. Smile

BTW: I have contacted MPPSolar about a firmware upgrade concerning higher charging voltages (16.4-16.8v) if the caps in the PIP allow for it and offered my feedback on it. I also requested lower cut-off voltages down to about 9 volts for 3s batteries.

Let's see what they think.

Thanks, guys and gals!!

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