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DIYBMS for a smaller pack?
Am I nuts for even considering using the DIYBMS on a smaller pack?  It'll be 7s, at most 10P.

I want the pack to generally be maintained at 75-80% SOC, unless I determine is otherwise needed.  It seems easy enough to do this with DIYBMS, yes?  I can, I think, even use a relay output triggered by it to stop charging at that point.

I guess the downside is that I will have a controller and 7 separate balancing boards to mount in this system, vs the standard BMS.

I am aware that there are other Smart BMS modules on the market ... I think the thing that most turns me off is that the software isn't something I can look at (did I mention I'm a software engineer??)  Also, these require me to create another way to interrupt charging, or they will be in constant balancing mode (right??)

It certainly seems an AFFORDABLE solution to my problem.  But is it overkill?
Charging and discharging values is something you set in the Charge controller. The bms is next step of protection for critical issues.

Diybms or ant or daly are 3 smaller and cheaper smart systems where DIY is open source.
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