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Ebike pack with minimum effort!
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I want to build an e-bike pack with minimal fuss.

I have a source of batteries that come from medical devices.  These packs contain power cells so are ideal for E-bikes.  As such many have had little use or have been swapped out due to a bank of cells going down.   Like most packs - there is lots of glue and welded strips that are a pain to get apart - so my question is - why bother taking it all apart just to build it back up.

Here are 3 packs that I took from the company's store faulty batteries (with permission of course!).  Off with the wrapping and a quick test of voltage quickly identifies the parallel banks that have gone bad.

They are 4S3P configuration EVE 2000mAh cells with battery management board. 

My idea is to chop out the bad strings and to re-weld the good strings together to make a 10S3P 36V nom. 6Ah battery pack - enough for 15 miles or so assisted E-bike use for getting to work.

Lets see how easy this is!!!
Batteries are stripped down and dead "banks" of cells identified.  Cut out just the dead banks giving me series parallel sets of cells which are showing good voltage.   I know that it would be optimal to strip to cell level, test then optimally group but I'm trying to so this with minimal effort!

Then put all the good banks together to make the pack:

Now to weld some new connection strips (and some already existing ones!)
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