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14s 11p e-bike battery build help
Hello All, and thanks in advance for any assistance. I am looking for a tool online that would help with configuring my cell groups as I am building a triangle battery. I want a tool that I can use to figure out the best arrangement of the cells to get my triangle shape and get the 11p groups connected without having to physically arrange and rearrange the cells on a table. I keep bumping it and they all go crashing. I remember seeing someone use a tool like this to configure their pack by moving the nickel strips around in the tool to make all the connections. Any help would be appreciated.
I don't know of a tool, but what I did for mine was to take a bunch of measurements and built a battery in a sketching program. I then put the cell holders together without the cells, to see if they would actually fit on the bike, and then I played around with connections in the program until I got something I could live with.

In real life, I taped off each series and did one at a time to make sure I didn't accidentally put a conductor in the wrong spot. I tried to make as few single connections where all the current goes through a single conductor as I could. If that makes sense.

Here's my build thread: The bike isn't finished yet, but the battery works great, LOL.
-Mike G

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