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checking the LG system I picked up last weekend
Voltage overall 49.5v
Far right connector 20 pin
back side  10 pin
first 2 slots nc
7= 14.4v, 6= 11.8v, 5= 9.7v, 4= 6.8v, 3= 5.4, 2= 3.1v, 1= 1.4v
      2.6v        2.1      2.8v      1.4v      2.3v      1.7v
front side
first 2 slots nc
7= 15.6v, 6=13.2v, 5= 10.8v, 4= 8.3v, 3= 6.8v, 2= 4.0v, 1= 2.2v
      2.4v    2.4v      2,5v        1.5v        2.8v        1.8v
      I didn't get to finish checking the connector 2. Forgot the order of how I was testing so will redo the test. The voltages were also confusing if it was 6s7s the overall voltage should be much higher. dont worry I am going with a 24v system for right now.  The LG ESS has a max voltage of 176.4 v?which is boosted to 350v-550v.
2nd  20 pin connector
      2nd pin in is nc, last pin is nc.
        from highest to lowest back side 32.2v, 30.5v, 27.8v, 24.4v, 23.6v,20.8v,18.3v
      front side 34.8v, 32v, 29.2v
3rd 20 pin connector quite a  few pins nc
all I checked was max voltage each side.
      front side 49.5
      back side 46.x which leads me to believe that not reading one cell maybe 0vs.
      the back side may have a burnt out fuse? in line where the two strings are  seried together? this is pure speculation on my part. I haven't tried to find a wiring diagram which is most likely a trade secert.
So far the lowest cell is 1.4v count the second cell I have 28 more cells to check. Then comes the fun part disconnecting the High voltage wiring harness.

Just think typing outloud Smile
later floyd
Could have the voltage of the packs wrong since most sources say the lg hv batteries contained 48v batteries not 24v. ok another day to poder this.
later floyd

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